Introducing Checkpoint

Take control of your event coverage and deliver it to a wider audience with seamless integrations and dynamic content feeds.

Multiple Channels
Create channels and spread coverage across your entire network.
Embed Streams
Integrate with your existing streaming services such as Twitch and Youtube.
Dynamic Feeds
Deliver realtime coverage with a stream of dynamic content.

Create Multiple Channels

Span your coverage across multiple channels. Enable your audience to enjoy multiple feeds and engage in coverage that matters to them most, be it for a specific game, or event.

Deliver Realtime Coverage

Engage with your audience in realtime via live updates, announcements and social interaction. Allow users to catch up at anytime with pinned highlights. Perfect for users on the go.

Reinventing Event Coverage

Provide your viewers with a new way to consume coverage, combining streams, live updates and social engagement.

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Easy Content Management

Manage all aspects of your hubs content with our powerful content management tools. Collaborate with other editors simultaneously and easily manage channel specific content.

Any Device, Anytime

Your content is delivered in realtime, across all devices. Weather the user is at home on their desktop, or on the go with their mobile, they will be able to follow your coverage.

Integrate Live Streams

Connect video services such as Twitch and Youtube. Embed streams directly into your channels. You can even set up streaming schedules and integrate their chat services.

Engaging Content

Keep your audience engaged with a constant stream of dynamic content that's easy to digest before, during and after your event.


Integrate popular services and engage directly with
your audience through social media.

Powerful Toolset

Whilst incredibly simple to use, it's packed with powerful features that help you deliver a better event experience.

Track Analytics

Monitor what drives audience interaction and understand what engages your users.

Customize Your Hub

Change the entire appearance and aesthetics of your hub with our customization tools.

Sponsorship & Ads

Serve ads directly via Checkpoint or your favourite ad server with targeted advertising.

Highly Extensible

Use our API to build custom extensions to our platform for endless possibilities.

Helping companies to connect with their audience before, during and after their events.

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