Building a better viewers experience for live events.

Introducing Checkpoint

In recent years, Esports has exploded with the advent of live streaming, and with it an influx of games focused on delivering top tier gaming. This has all contributed to putting competitive gaming on the global stage, with more tournaments and events taking place year after year.

With an ever growing industry, combined with a huge increase in online viewing figures and fans, tournament organisers are hosting events and championship’s with bigger prize pools and higher production values. Esports is on its way to the top of the entertainment pyramid.

As a fan, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to follow event coverage, with multiple championships taking place weekly, whilst as an organiser, it’s a challenge to deliver dynamic and engaging content consistently. Consuming coverage is often limited to watching live streams, or following along on social media, whilst different timezones and scheduling play havok with delivering coverage for a global audience.

Delivering coverage in real-time and having everything available at your fingertips, with the ability to drop in on an event at any given time and have access to highlights, results, commentary, upcoming schedules and streams would be a huge benefit to both fans and event organisers.

Our Mission

This is where Checkpoint was born, from the want to improve esports viewers experience of live streamed events and help companies deliver more dynamic, engaging content for their audience to consume.

Checkpoint is going to deliver a platform that will bring fans closer to the action whilst helping organisers increase audiences, deliver a more robust solution to coverage and allow people to engage on more than one level, through mediums such as live streams, content feeds, social integrations and more. We couldn’t be more exicted!

We are in the process of opening up a Beta to select companies, click here and contact us for a chat.


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